Anna Lapini

"By taking advantage of her natural talent in paying attention towards creativity, trends, art and chromatism, Anna Lapini has developed a remarkable ability in window , spaces and environments in general fitting. In this way, she has obtained a great success in her activity from public but also in eminent exhibitions. Her study and passion for the art of well eating , her particular attention towards good manners and the art of welcoming, together with a full activity in sector of ceremonies and events  have increased her great experience. This experience has been put into effect in her work as teacher of “ the art of welcoming” in all occasions and some other educational activities such as home setting up for particular moments, the art of setting the table, accommodation of interiors with a consultancy in order to collect materials and to purchase in a conscious way. Anna Lapini is one of the first Italian consultants as regards “ the Art of tidying up”. This figure already exists in Japan, USA and England for years and the activity takes the name of “ cluttering and decluttering” or “ space clearing consultant”.Besides her professional skills, she loves music, design, contemporary art and impressionist painting. "

Anna Lapini

Ultimo aggiornamento 15/4/2019 - I consigli di Anna Lapini: Sta arrivando la Pasqua, arrediamo la nostra casa e la nostra tavola!

Anna Lapini Foto di Anna Lapini Consulente di Space Clearing, Arte del Ricevere, Interior Designer info@annalapini.it

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