Anna Lapini is married and has two children. She studied math at University of Firenze and actually she is owner of a well-known store of design and home accessories in Arezzo old town. Besides her great experience as consultant as regards design world, home and spaces’ setting up, Anna is also successfully engaged in the employers’ union representation to protect entrepreneurship.

Since February 2015, she is regional president of Tuscany Confcommercio. During last April, she was elected in Confcommercio’s National Committee – Imprese per l’Italia ( Firms for Italy) and, starting from May, she joined the confederation’s National committee, empowered to security and legality.

She is also president of Confcommercio as regards Arezzo district since 2012. Among her offices, we must remember that of Arezzo Chamber of Commerce’s Committee, for which she is also president of Committee for Female Entrepreneurship since 2004.

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