This activity recalls more and more curiosity from architects and interior designers who are warmed up by the will of living in cleaned and ordered environments in order to extract positivity and good energy. 

The art of “ cluttering and decluttering” comes from the ability of clearing spaces in a logic and precise manner. It is a discipline connected to “ Feng Shui”. Anna has always loved “ Feng Shui”, she says : “ I started applying this method as I noticed in my customers a remarkable satisfaction and a new quality of life.”

Space clearing” consultants were born in Anglo-Saxon Countries almost ten years ago and have been made famous by some successful tv programs. They successfully collaborate with architects and designers who are attracted by tests and by regeneration of spaces because they are followers of basics, minimalism  and control. Some studies performed in the United States argue that we use less than 20% of what we purchase and own.  This means that “ space clearing “ or the art of “ cluttering and decluttering” makes us much more aware in referring to tangible things, supports us  in selecting what is unnecessary, helps us in making order both physically and mentally. Simplify our home , freeing it from what is no more necessary and that we do not use for years, allow us to obtain a stimulating and enchanting space that will enable innovation entering in persons’ lives.

Consultancy starts from checking the main “ negative” portions of our home or our office thanks to some controlling registers and suggestions that stop the “ vicious circle” of disorder and hoarding.  

Closets and drawers are emptied, objects and bits and pieces are eliminated : this guarantees us a liberating symbolic clearing of the space. Our home is lighted up, objects find again their suitable place and their right value, a healthy energy floods in free from any constraint. The hoard of objects and furniture in a wrong way conceals uncertainty and inability in renouncing.  

Home is the mirror of our life and it is possible to transform “ chaos into order”. It’s not only a matter of time but also of knowledge. In the beginning, this knowledge was passed from generation to generation through “ domestic economy” principles, from grandmother to mother and to granddaughter. “ Today, - Anna still says- we professionals of “ decluttering” find the right positioning for anything : objects, furniture, spaces. We support our customer in eliminating things and in elaborating his separation, but even in his new purchases with a personalized assistance for a focused shopping.” 

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