Giuliana Frangipani established SUPERplum in 2013, in cooperation with the designer Leonardo Coradeschi and the architects Emanuele Petrucci and Gabriele Boscherini.

Keywords always matching designs and creations of SUPERplum are accuracy and fusion: accuracy in conceiving spaces and fusion that all far-off worlds find in their project of giving life to another one.

SUPERplum handles architecture and design to create places, interpretation of layering and contextualization of new signs, research of the matter, of color and design.

SUPERplum is both memory and new visions.

Blueprints realized by SUPERplum studio :

2013 Lapini Shop – Arezzo -

2014  Giovanni Raspini Tower – Petrio (Si) Private House -

2015 Graziella Group B&B (Ar)

2016 Buoncompagni Magrini -  (Ar) Private House

2016 Chalet Bonaccoil – Chatoix d’Oex – Svizzera

2016  Easy Wash Laundromat Cortona (Ar)

Other works by Giuliana Frangipani…


Nicla Boncompagni is mainly merchant of ancient jewels, art and design. Thanks to her job, she has developed a great professionalism in selecting furniture and exclusive objects.

Her great passion for artists and designers from various generations and eras brings her about a continual research all over the world, precisely with a view to enhance relation between art and furnishing and decoration objects which fill up daily life.

Together with Paolo Sturni, Nicla Boncompagni is owner of the important Sturni Galleria Antichità located in Campo Marzio nr.81, Rome.


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